Dear Santa,

I know Christmas is your time to shine and a big deal for you and many people around the world.  I know that its supposed to be about peace, love, and good will to others.  But I think some are forgetting this about the holidays.  Santa, let me get straight down to my request.  Next year, can capitalism not kill Christmas before it even starts?  Let me elaborate. 

Santa, can you start by telling stores and retailers not to line their shelves with Christmas decorations on Halloween?  If I need to make a candy run or pick up last-minute party supplies, I don’t want to see ornaments, evergreens, or holiday popcorn tins.  Who the heck buys Christmas popcorn in October anyway?   That’s ridiculous.  Next Halloween, can I still see plump pumpkins bobbing in store windows and crisp leaves fluttering around?  Can I still enjoy funky, spooky colors such as deep purples, slimy greens, and pure black?  And then can I still behold fall colors at retailers, such as vibrant reds, oranges, and golden yellows?    No bright greens or screaming reds on October 31st, 2011 please.  St. Nick, on Halloween, I’m trying to enjoy the company of pirates, pumpkin kings, crazed clowns, and zombies.  It just is not an appropriate time in to face elves, reindeer, and snowmen in the stores.  

Mr. Claus, again, I know Christmas is your thing.  But when it’s decorations blare at us in October, I wonder if our capitalistic society is forgetting about Thanksgiving.  This is quite the important holiday in American culture, as it remembers a pivotal time in our history when people from completely different worlds came together in harmony to celebrate the promise of a new life.  Now I understand that retailers other than grocery stores cannot profit off of Thanksgiving, but next year, can the American society not overlook it?   

Santa, I guess what I’m really asking is that in 2011, please don’t let the Christmas season hit me like a freight train.  Instead, let it appear gradually, like the changing colors of autumn leaves.    Next year, let’s have a proper Halloween and Thanksgiving complete with Charlie Brown specials, candy, turkey, and pies.  And let the Christmas season come when it is supposed to-the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.