Our son is currently going through his natural upgrade from Child version 12.5 to Adolescent version 13.0.   Noticeable changes are occurring in his hardware and software. 

 His feet now emit a foul odor.  The stench is greatly magnified by his socks.  The odor from spreads to his laundry pile and has infected his entire room at least twice. 

 In addition, his hair now becomes greasy much easier.  It appears the Child versions application of Not Wanting a Haircut will install itself in the Adolescent version, thus causing needed upgrades to the Hair Washing function to fix the greasy hair error. 

 Although the Showering function remedies the foul feet odor and greasy hair glitches, it requires much reminders and warnings from us parental units.  This is yet another change that is requiring adjustment from the parents.  Throughout many of his Childhood versions, our son gladly took baths as part of his Night Routine program.  As the Adolescent upgrade occurs, the Showering function is not quite so voluntary, but seen as an interruption to other less necessary functions such as Playing Video Games or Watching TV.