On December 26, Massachusetts’ first (and last) snowstorm of 2010 began.  Not that I’m complaining.  My neck of the woods, Chelmsford, is blanketed by about one foot of wonderful powdery snow.  It started snowing again at about 8:20, and is steadily blowing off trees and rooftops. 

Although I am enjoying a day off with warm oatmeal, I still got up (not so) bright and early to help dig out the Jeep so my man could get to work.  Many humans to do not heed warnings of snow, leading to car accidents, leading to a busy autobody season. 

Since the storm hit right after Christmas, my boy has plenty of new books and a couple of video games to keep him occupied.  And I may attempt to be a DJ Hero myself.  Werd to yo’ mutha.

My main concern is that status of my Wednesday flight to my one and only vacation this year in Florida.  Logan airport in Boston began pulling planes off the runway yesterday afternoon.  Hopefully everything, including possible trapped and crabby travelers, will be cleared by that time.  I simply do not have the time for Mother Nature’s antics right now. 

Well, Massachusetts and the North East, get out and build a snowman with your kids.  Then go sledding down that insane hill.  And start a snowball war with your pesky neighbors, making sure to hit that really bratty kid in the face.  Stay off the roads if you can.  And drive smart if you have to be on the roads.