What’s my sign?

An announcement yesterday by astronomer Parke Kunkle may have some stargazers worried.  The study of astrology began around 3,000 years ago, and the Babylonians assigned the 12 Zodiac signs to the different times of the year.  Since that time, the earth has been steadily wobbling on its axis, and is now reportedly in a different position to the sun and constellations and whatever.  This has supposedly resulted in the Zodiac signs being off by a month.

So, some that used to be Libras are now Virgos.  Some Geminis are now Tauruses (Taurusi?).  This may be a big deal to astrologers and those that religiously read horoscopes each day.  Some may be worried about what predictions to follow. 

Yet, as a social scientist, I encourage everyone to understand that personalities are not predetermined by the stars.  They are carved out by life experiences, how we are raised, and possibly genetics. 

I do see a benefit of this change.  I can now tell my son he is a Gemini instead of watching his horror struck face when telling him he’s a Cancer.


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