Upon rising from bed around 7:30 this morning, another three inch blanket of snow greeted me.  And it’s predicted to snow until late morning or early afternoon, with accumulations from 4 to 7 inches or 6 to 12 inches, depending on what report you read or hear.   National weather service reported that by 4 am today, most highways were already covered.  This storm was originally predicted to only be a “bother” to the morning commute, as it is supposed to clear up this afternoon. 

The amount of storms Massachusetts and neighboring states have encountered this new year have caused some local newstations to call it Snowmagedon.

Kids are enjoying their third or more snow day of the year, as many of our educational establishments are closed again. Unfortunately, the newness of the Christmas gift video games are wearing off due to so many days off from school.   But I am wondering if many adults are groaning.   Businesses have to make the tough decisions of whether or not to open and how to handle employees paychecks if they choose to close.  Fortunately, I am already off today 🙂    And then there’s the digging out of the cars, driveways, and walkways.  And then we have to deal with the people who forget how to drive in such conditions, even though we get snow EVERY YEAR.   

Once again, Mother Nature is impeding on my plans, as I have important business west of here in Lancaster, and usually the western portion of Mass gets absolutely slammed with snow.  And we have plans for Boston this weekend, which I am more concerned about the plowing and parking conditions. 

Would love to hear from friends and relatives in nearby states to see how everyone holds out!