Those touching emails…

You ever get those email letters that are supposed to be uplifting or inspiring?  You know, those poems or touching stories of grace, humility, or mercy, usually accompanied by peaceful images.  Oftentimes, they are spiritual, saying that God loves you and will get you through any hardships.

Then, these emails end with directions to send it to ten or more people, and you will get good news anywhere within the time limits of 5 minutes or the following day.  Then it implies that if you do not send this email to everyone in your contact list, you may be denied your passage to heaven or be cursed.

I remember these types of letters from junior high school, back in the day when we wrote notes on lined paper about a topic or person and passed it along to a friend or classmate.  They then signed it or added to it, and passed it on for others to do the same. The letters ended in a warning or threat of some impending omen if it was not continued, or some blessing if it kept going. They were called Chain Letters, and were banned from my schools, as they often led to fear, anger, hate, and someone being hurt.

So my conclusion is this…I see no difference in these “inspirational” emails than I do the harmful chain letters of my childhood. My Heavenly Father does not base the quantity or timeliness of his blessings based on how many uplifting emails I send that may or may not contain a virus or way that the original sender can hack into my stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional message reminding me of His love.  Just don’t taint it with a curse or belittling statement that if I don’t send it to others, I don’t believe in Him. 



2 thoughts on “Those touching emails…

  1. no doubt. no doubt.
    i remember back when i was a kid and chain letters were a real thing that came in the mail. it was rare but every so often one would come around…

    i always find the religious ones very interesting because it makes receiving these good things (that you didn’t even ask for) conditional to be received. how very christian of them, right?

    would jesus spam? that’s what we want to ask ourselves here. : )

    there’s a popular sentiment shared at my office from Dan and that is: if the email is wrapped in patriotism, religion, or happy fluffy jumpy bunnies – chances are it’s spreading a virus or is at best complete hogwash. heheh!

    … i think jesus would spam. i’ve seen some of his dads billboards so i figure marketing is part of the family biz.

    “Don’t Make Me Come Down There” – GOD
    (as seen on a billboard)

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