Yeah, you read it right.  I don’t use the most popular social networking site ever-Facebook.  I still get surprised looks from people when they find out.   I’m quite behind the times and left out of The Loop by not using the site, as people say things like “You didn’t know? It’s on my Facebook page.”  Well, excuse me.  There are many reasons why yours truly is not on Facebook.

*As a social scientist, I know what lurks out there.  There are many strange and potentially harmful people in cyberland I prefer not reading about my vacation or favorite shampoo.  Certain people do not need to be in my business.  And I’m not talking about those considered “mentally ill.”

*Do I really need to be on Facebook to truthfully be “friends” with someone nowadays?

*There are many other ways to communicate with me and not include the entire world.  Email, text messages, IM’s, or old fashioned phone calls and even older fashioned hand written letters.  Calls, texts, and emails are particularly good for when you prefer a one-to-one conversation, and should be the ideal way of contacting me if you are drunk. 

*Websites like WordPress and Tumblr have much prettier and interesting backgrounds to personalize your thoughts.  Facebook looks just plain boring and doesn’t offer much to individualize yourself.

*I have much going on in my life and don’t have the energy to worry about poking people, updating my status, befriending people I barely know, or simply checking the site a dozen times a day to keep up with everyone else.  There are other things to do each day, like writing. 

*And lastly, does anyone truthfully care what I had for breakfast this morning?