Old Man Winter, who knocks on your door with snow flurries and frost, has apparently been conquered by this woman…

The White Witch


Eye witnesses report of her sitings in places like Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, and even Oklahoma City as she bombards the U.S. with a modern ice age. The president has called her attack on our land “Snowmageddon.”  Garrisons of  plows and soldiers armed with shovels and snow blowers fight against the tundra after each storm.  Yet many oppressed cities are running out of places to pile up the snow and ice, as drifts creep taller and taller.  As the subzero sorceress’ conquest continues, buildings litterally colapse under the tyranny, cars crash, people are trapped, and communities come to a frozen hault.   

The blizzarding bitty does have one enemy that can stand up to her….


This groundhog named Phil has the amazing power to conjure warmer temperatures of Spring.  And he has promised us an early Spring, thus angering the wintery witch.  Authorities have reportedly agreed to join forces with the almighty groundhog to battle the frigid fraulein.  One of their missions is to locate this legendary item…


…a portal that will supposedly return the blizzarding bitty from whence she came.

Citizens of the frozen warzones hope the powerful Phil brings Spring, the portal is found, and the White Witch is banished.  But for now, keep shoveling the home front and respect the men in plows.