I don’t normally get fired up about professional sports. I think athletes are way overpaid.  But tonight, I really, really, really wish I was at the Boston Garden, watching the Celtics play.

Ray Allen, number 20 Guard for the Boston Celtics, just broke Reggie Miller’s record for scoring three point shots in an NBA career.  In the first quarter against the LA Lakers, Allen tied Reggie’s record of 2,560.  A few moments later, he shot another three-pointer, achieving an incredible 2,561.  And his career (much less tonight’s game) is not over. 

Celtics fans rose to their feet in a faithful green wave of cheers.  They remained standing for the remainder few moments of the first quarter.  After the shot, Ray’s mother could be seen speaking the words every mother mouths at a child’s amazing accomplishment.

“That’s my baby.”

At the quarter’s conclusion, the announcer crowned Ray the new NBA Three-Point King.  The crowd applauded as Ray hugged Reggie Miller, his team mates, and his family.  He waved to his fans, and in his humble Ray Allen way (chewing gum and all) , accepted his new title. 

February 10 will from now on be Ray Day in Boston. 

Congrats, dude.