Our son is currently going through his natural upgrade from Child version 12.5 to Adolescent version 1.3.  And we, his parental units notice some changes that are concerning. 

One noticeable change in our son’s software is his hygiene program, which affects his hardware.  Throughout his Toddler and Preschool versions, our son gladly took baths.  The bath function became obsolete in a Child version, was deleted, and replaced by the shower function.  Yet now, the shower function seems less voluntary and requires much reminding from us parental units for our son to engage in it. 

This malfunction in the hygiene program results in unpleasant changes to our son’s hardware.  His feet now emit a foul odor.  The stench is greatly magnified by his socks, particularly on days he engages in scheduled physical education functions.  The odor spreads to his laundry pile and has infected his entire room at least twice.  In addition, his hair fills of grime and grease much easier than in previous versions.  The Uncooperative Error Message of “I don’t want a haircut!” we frequently received in Child versions will continue to be an issue in Adolescent versions.  Thus, we parents have upgraded our instructional features to teach him proper hair washing.  Our son appears to understand that his hygiene program will remedy foul feet odor and greasy hair glitches.  Yet, it seems the budding Adolescent 1.3 version considers showering an interruption to other unnecessary applications, such as watching TV or playing video games. 

We understand that this upgrade from Child to Adolescent (also know as Teenager) is a natural part of Growing Up.  As Adult 3.0 + versions, our software still recalls our own Adolescent experiences and does try to comprehend our son.  Although many instructional manuals have been written to help with the usage of the Adolescent versions, we find ourselves in need of consultation from other parental units and the Programmer.