As far as performances go, the 53rd Grammy Awards was among the best.  I actually made it through the entire show this year without falling asleep.

First off, some unforgettable voices of this decade gave tribute to Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul.  I cannot tell if Christina Aguilera flubbed up any of Aretha’s lines because I could not understand what lyrics she belted out in what I guess was a passionate performance.

I was entrigued by Lady Gaga’s piece, especially that her wig stayed on as she danced around the stage.  Ricky Martin introduced the act as the one “everyone would be talking about tomorrow,” but was fairly tame for her.  There are two performances I believe everyone will be talking about today, Muse and Cee Lo Green.

America, finally meet Muse.  I’m not talking about watching one of their music videos or listening to them on your local alternative station.  But watch the spectacle that mirrored the brilliant vision and thundering sound that is Muse (except for the actors running around)  Granted this video is someone’s recording that is posted on Youtube…but it’s all I can find on short notice.  🙂 

And congrats on winning the Best Rock Album Award, especially since the competition was against a couple of legends.  This award is about five years overdue, gents.

Move over, Lady Gaga.  Some other artists competed with her for the fashionista crown.  And they would be Cee Lo Green and Nicki Manaj, shown respectively below.


Cee Lo Green gave the most colorful performance of the night, singing Forget You, accompanied by Gwynneth Paltrow and a band of crazed muppets.  I was bummed that “Forget You” lost both times to Lady Antebellum for the Song and Record of the Year categories.  And let’s face it…the song is called “F… You,” and probably reflects how most of America feels right now.

As usual, Eminem stole the show with his mere presence and passion for rapping.  I chuckled at his response of nabbing the Rap Album award:  “This is crazy.”  I also enjoyed the folk festival of Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers…but someone should have instructed Bob Dylan to warm his voice up before this performance.  I am now a fan of Bruno Mars….love the 50’s image and the pomp hair.

And Album of the Year went to…Aracade Fire.  What? WOW.  That hit me like a Mack truck.

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