As our son undergoes his natural upgrade from Child version 12.5 to Adolescent 1.3, changes are occuring in his system. There are some programs and functions, we as his parental units, thought would improve as he grew, yet they work the same.  One in the particular is the Listening function.

In Toddler, Preschool, and younger Child versions, our son required repetitive instructions, redirections, and reminders of how to behave properly or when to complete tasks.  We understood this as part of his system development and gradual integration into human society.  He needed the repetition to learn basic hygiene, required daily routines, and appropriate behaviors and speech.  But one would ascertain that over the years, these functions would be an automatic part of his programming.  Not so.  It appears the Adolescent version of our son will continue to need directions to do homework and chores, and reminders to put on clean socks and comb his thick hair. 

Another malfunction of the Listening function is that our son does not often hear or acknowledge directions/requests to do tasks.  This malfunction sometimes causes a Nagging or Yelling application from the parents.  Yet he hears conversations not intended for his ears, among other parental activities (especially intimate).  His father and I believe the Listening function to now be “selective,” and are working on ways to repair this Uncooperative Error.