Is Charlie Sheen Over?

Supposedly, after a slew of drunken behaviors and rants about the wrong people, Charlie Sheen’s show “Two and a Half Men” is canned.

Here’s the MSN article:

So, does he deserve it?  I think so.  If any one of us average Joes and Janes ranted around drunk, we’d be arrested.  If us non-celebrities blasted our bosses, we’d lose our jobs.  If the every day person were to assault his spouse, he’d be in jail.  Maybe people have been too lenient on him until now.  It’s just a shame that John Cryer’s career now has to take a nose dive because of Charlie’s antics.  (John, I’m still a big Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home fan).

In reality, how much longer can this show last?  Jake is as tall as his father and uncle, and his voice dropped, so he’s not really a “half” man anymore.


2 thoughts on “Is Charlie Sheen Over?

  1. I saw bully on him! He should be fired – from the human race! Did you know he makes (made) over a million dollars AN EPISODE ….for a show that frankly wasn’t even ranked that well.

    Just imagine the world we would live in if we paid our teachers and care takers – who educate our children and care for our very lives – the way we pay celebrities and sports stars…

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