Urban (mis)Advantures

Rrrrrreeeeooww! — March 27, 2011


So, my cat Oli will be nine in May.  He’s currently dealing with diabetes.  He’s been dealing with boys rough housing and picking on him since he was born, I think.  Oli bit my son a few years ago after being teased. He will fight a dog much larger than himself.  Lately, he’s been more chill, as we let him rest and cuddle with us when he wants to.  Of course, the cuddling is on his terms.

But a couple of times this past week, Oli nipped and swiped at my son. I’m sure my son was guilty of some kind of teasing, even if it was just holding Oli in his lap against his will. The cat also lurked after him and followed him around the living room.  When I pet the cat to try and calm him, my son said he swiped and nipped at me when I walked away.  ME?!  The one who feeds him every day? The only one who cleans out his litter box?  The one who doesn’t kick him out of the computer chair, but sits on the edge so he can remain lounging?  What is going on?

Two Days…No Coffee — March 26, 2011

Two Days…No Coffee

Yay!  For two days this week, I did not have one drop of coffee!  Tuesday and Wednesday.  I just had too much going on at work for the java.  On Thursday, I had a long work day, then did the ol’ taxes.  So that automatically meant a cup of coffee was needed to make it through the gruelling day.  And I noticed that I grimaced a bit when drinking it.  Perhaps I am gaining my taste for tea back. 

But this Saturday, with no hurry to be anywhere, I sip coffee sweetened with cinnamon, just because I miss my favorite Eeyore mug so badly.

Did I do Good Today? — March 21, 2011

Did I do Good Today?

Okay, so this morning I did not make a pot of coffee before leaving and just made a jug of raspberry tea and headed out for the wet commute.  I was fine until I started tackling my mound of paperwork at my computer.  And after lunch, I was extremely drowsy.  Dozing off at my desk drowsy.

So a co-worker and I headed to Dunking Donuts.  I got a small caramel iced with extra cream and sugar, but ordered it half and half.  Half decaf, half regular.  I was sooooo delicious.  I savored it at one of the tables before heading to my sessions. 

So, does that count as somewhat kicking the coffee can today?

Why Can’t I Kick the Can on Fridays? — March 19, 2011

Why Can’t I Kick the Can on Fridays?

I suppose it’s because I’ve worked an exasperating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (meeting day), and Thursday (paperwork day). Maybe it’s because I don’t function well after Daylight Savings Time.  But I can’t make it through Friday without coffee.  I felt comatose yesterday when forcing myself out of bed and slinking down the stairs.  Again, I knew I needed a cup in order for others not to believe the dead walked among them.  I needed it to drive to the Boston area without causing a pile up on I-95.  To document sessions. To listen to my clients.  To even acknowledge that others existed. 

The sound of the brew was like music.  The smell of peppermint mocha cream mixed with sugar was dreamy.  The pop as the dark coffee poured over ice was heavenly.  The savoring sips through the bendy straw were heavenly.

And I made it through my day without causing a chaotic wreck on the highway, typed up much paperwork, and spoke in coherent sentences.

On the mend for the moment. —

On the mend for the moment.

Like some humans who have diabetes, Oli is now eating more like he used to, but not packing on the chubby belly and cheeks.  He hasn’t vomitted in about six days. Oli is active again and perches next to the window now that the squirrels and birds are back.  He seems to really like his high-protein, duck flavored food.  That’s right, duck. 

Now that spring is blossoming, Oli sheds his white hair all over my black clothes.  As I vacuum up about a pound of his hair, a questions boils in my brain.  If there is this much hair on the floor and blankets, how is there still hair on the cat???

Don’t Ask Me About My Necklace — March 16, 2011

Don’t Ask Me About My Necklace

Today, I wore a thick silver chain with a large antique-looking oval charm on it.  I’ve worn it for eight years now.  Only two people have asked who is that lovely young woman in the small back and white picture framed in the charm.  And I’m glad, for now I simply feel uncomfortable answering.  Don’t want to make anyone else nervous or bring someone else’s day down. 

The picture is of my mother, who died eight years ago today.  Someone said she was about fifteen in the photo, with her bright, girlish smile and short bouncy curls.  Her charm hangs on a chain I got from one of her jewelry boxes after she passed.  I wear it to continue paying my respects to her in my hectic life. 

The thought processes that occurred when the cancer took her were interesting, but fitting for me, the youngest born of four.  But wait; I still need a mother.  I’m not finished with you yet because I have my own child to raise.  I’m not done being your daughter.  The shock, the grief and mourning eventually pass, yet the emptiness of the loss remains.  I continue to realize the true losses when someone dies.  I won’t ever eat her chili or Mexican casserole ever again.  She won’t beat us all at the family’s favorite card game any more.  No more of her pecan treats, even when the tree grows back after that damn tornado tore it in half.  She won’t hear about my son’s school plays or band concernts.  She won’t see her great grandchildren.  Mother’s Day. January 4th.  My parents’ anniversary.  Saint Patrick’s Day.  These dates will never be the same for me. 


Nashoba Valley Pond Skim — March 15, 2011

Nashoba Valley Pond Skim

Well, maybe it’s not so dorky. 

This past Sunday, we went to the Pond Skim at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area during its March Meltdown and potentially last weekend the resort is open this season.  To celebrate the last day, there is a competition in which skiers and boarders must hammer down part of a trail, then make it across (or beef into) a pond of freezing water.  Contestants, judges, and Nashoba staff usually dress up in a theme.  This year’s theme was tropical attire.  Grass skirts were worn over snow pants.  Dudes wore bikini tops.  And there was also a skiing gorilla. Here is the crazy swim shorts kid skimming across. 

March 13, 2011 - March Meltdown Pond Skim and BBQ at Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Check out the website for more photos and even some videos.


Wicked fun time.  Will definitely go next year.