Our son continues his natural upgrade from Child version 12.5 to Adolescent version 13.0.  The changes and concerns I’d like to address now are in regards to his social networking.

In his earlier Child versions, he was quite content interfacing with most children in the neighborhood.  He appeared to be compatible with most other versions and systems.  All it took was that the other children were close to his vicinity, and he appeared to befriend most of them.  Now that he nears his Adolescent upgrade, his friend file has changed to a smaller group of only three other boys.  He does interact with a general larger groups of peers in a network on a regular basis.  Yet he shares his personal files with only the three.  This is an expected and welcome behavior of the Adolescent version. 

Yet the way our son and his peers’ systems interface has greatly changed over the years.  When the parental units were children, we either needed to be face to face, speak on a landline phone, or write letters.  Our son can interact with people using none of these, but through his video game system.  This type of interfacing and socializing is concerning as other older Adolescent versions appear to have malfunctioning Respect programs, evidenced by cursing, name calling and rude comments.  Fortunately our budding Adolescent recognizes these other interactions as unneccessary and mutes them.