This week, I realized I’ve grown even more scatter brained, edgy, and jittery than in the past.  I’m not staying asleep at night.  And yesterday, a revelation dawned on me.  I made it through my Bachelor’s program, working at a psychiatric hospital, and then my graduate program without a drop of coffee.  But now, I feel like I cannot live without it. Thanks, Starbucks, with your tempting devilish fancy cappucinos and frappes.  Although I only drink a travel mug full a day, I don’t finish it in the morning.  I drink it mostly after lunch.  Sometimes I do make another cup or now dash to Dunkin Donuts.  And I’ve somehow survived a couple of days by drinking nothing but coffee…no milk, no tea, no water. 

So, some things in my life have to vamoose to keep me healthy and balanced.  My job isn’t going anywhere, as I have to eat.  Therefore yesterday I decided to lay off the coffee and all its sugary, creamy bliss.  I’ve taken rasberry tea to work these past couple of days and drank only a few sips of the caffienated ecstacy.

I feel as though there’s a thunderstorm in my head.  I grew irritable over a simple things at work and cursed up another thunderstorm.  And I’m about to keel over my laptop as I type this. 

It will be worth it when I’m sleeping better, have cleaner teeth, and feel healthier, right?