Kicking the (Coffee) Can, Comforting Substitutes

This evening, I am craving coffee with peppermint mocha cream and much sugar.  I don’t need to stay awake, I just want to savor the sweet substance with dramatic, slow sips. 

Earlier, I desperately wanted donuts as an excuse to at least go into Dunkin’s.  I figured perhaps a chocolate glazed or blueberry cake donut would give me the sensation (although false) that I am partaking in some sort of coffee consumption.  Pathetic, I guess.  So my co-worker suggested lunch at Panera Bread instead, in which I treated myself to a succulent pecan roll. 

I am still doing good with only a few sips of coffee from my mug a day.  Feel less anxious and overwhelmed about my workload.  I feel tired earlier at night and will hopefully sleep through the night.


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