Well, maybe it’s not so dorky. 

This past Sunday, we went to the Pond Skim at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area during its March Meltdown and potentially last weekend the resort is open this season.  To celebrate the last day, there is a competition in which skiers and boarders must hammer down part of a trail, then make it across (or beef into) a pond of freezing water.  Contestants, judges, and Nashoba staff usually dress up in a theme.  This year’s theme was tropical attire.  Grass skirts were worn over snow pants.  Dudes wore bikini tops.  And there was also a skiing gorilla. Here is the crazy swim shorts kid skimming across. 

March 13, 2011 - March Meltdown Pond Skim and BBQ at Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Check out the website for more photos and even some videos.


Wicked fun time.  Will definitely go next year.