I suppose it’s because I’ve worked an exasperating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (meeting day), and Thursday (paperwork day). Maybe it’s because I don’t function well after Daylight Savings Time.  But I can’t make it through Friday without coffee.  I felt comatose yesterday when forcing myself out of bed and slinking down the stairs.  Again, I knew I needed a cup in order for others not to believe the dead walked among them.  I needed it to drive to the Boston area without causing a pile up on I-95.  To document sessions. To listen to my clients.  To even acknowledge that others existed. 

The sound of the brew was like music.  The smell of peppermint mocha cream mixed with sugar was dreamy.  The pop as the dark coffee poured over ice was heavenly.  The savoring sips through the bendy straw were heavenly.

And I made it through my day without causing a chaotic wreck on the highway, typed up much paperwork, and spoke in coherent sentences.