Did I do Good Today?

Okay, so this morning I did not make a pot of coffee before leaving and just made a jug of raspberry tea and headed out for the wet commute.  I was fine until I started tackling my mound of paperwork at my computer.  And after lunch, I was extremely drowsy.  Dozing off at my desk drowsy.

So a co-worker and I headed to Dunking Donuts.  I got a small caramel iced with extra cream and sugar, but ordered it half and half.  Half decaf, half regular.  I was sooooo delicious.  I savored it at one of the tables before heading to my sessions. 

So, does that count as somewhat kicking the coffee can today?


2 thoughts on “Did I do Good Today?

  1. hey! congrats! i’d say you did good…you know a little indulgence now and then is the spice of life. and truly if you must give in to temptation: SAVOR IT!

    ….of course, realize this sage advice comes from a 6 shot soy mocha junkie (had two yesterday actually). 8D

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