So, my cat Oli will be nine in May.  He’s currently dealing with diabetes.  He’s been dealing with boys rough housing and picking on him since he was born, I think.  Oli bit my son a few years ago after being teased. He will fight a dog much larger than himself.  Lately, he’s been more chill, as we let him rest and cuddle with us when he wants to.  Of course, the cuddling is on his terms.

But a couple of times this past week, Oli nipped and swiped at my son. I’m sure my son was guilty of some kind of teasing, even if it was just holding Oli in his lap against his will. The cat also lurked after him and followed him around the living room.  When I pet the cat to try and calm him, my son said he swiped and nipped at me when I walked away.  ME?!  The one who feeds him every day? The only one who cleans out his litter box?  The one who doesn’t kick him out of the computer chair, but sits on the edge so he can remain lounging?  What is going on?