Spring is here! Naw, just kidding….

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Psych!  We thought the meteorologists were joking when they predicted snow.  Or perhaps we thought they were wrong, as they have been so many times recently here in Massachusetts.  But alas.  It was us non-believing residents of the Bay State that were wrong.  The reports of a snow storm were no April Fool’s prank.
Sticky snow began falling late last night and continued into the morning commute for many towns along Interstate 495.  Our snow boots were already pushed to the back of the closet beneath the stairs.  The shovels had moved back into their spring and summer home in the garage.  I had worn flip flops around the house already. Although the spring blunderland is already melting, the snow was not welcome, but made for some interesting conversation around water coolers. 
On this April 1st, it appears God has the best sense of humor. 

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