So, one recent weekend I conducted my normally scheduled grocery shopping, which I hate with a passion.  But one things brightened this teeth-gritting experience.  As I strolled down the dairy aisle, I spotted something I had longed for.  A small section of Bailey’s non-alcoholic creamer stood together like the group of kids in the school yard everyone secretly wanted to hang out with.  I think they waved to me, particularly the Toffee Almond Cream.  I stepped up to Almond, held him tenderly in my hand, and then remembered that I doing really well at giving up coffee.  Plus, I really wanted a jug of green tea. 
So I left the Bailey’s gang on the shelf.  I think they called out to me, saying that I would be sorry about my decision, but I ignored them.
A few days later, I decided I deserved to treat myself on the weekends to Toffee Almond Cream.  So during my weekend grocery routine, I strode down the dairy aisle.  Except the Bailey’s gang wasn’t there.  Maybe they became popular and everybody else bought them.  Maybe they were ostracized by the much large Nestle gang.  I stood there like an ice statue, staring at the other rows of creamer, hoping that they would move aside and reveal that Bailey’s was just hiding.  No such luck.  Since I didn’t have any coffee and had no sugar, creamer, and caffeine pumping through my system, I didn’t snarl and hiss at some young grocer stocking the aisle nor demand where the Bailey’s is.  I just walked away, a bit saddened.
But alas, this weekend, I shopped at a different grocery store.  Now Bailey’s Toffee Almond sits joyfully in my belly with pancakes. 
My progress on weaning myself off coffee may take a U-turn.