As our son undergoes his natural upgrade from Child 12.75 to Adolescent 13.0, he experiences many changes.  These changes are expected, as he drifts away from the programming of his Parental Units and learns to operate by his own Design.  Yet one change in particular, is quite annoying:  The Grumbling Application.

     This new app is a sound of disagreement he utters (“Aaarrww!”  “Arrrgh!”), usually in response to being told to perform a task he does not want to.  Lately, it seems the Grumbling app sounds whenever the Mother Unit of the home tells our son to do anything.  Here is a brief list of triggers to the Grumbling app:
**Being instructed to fold his clothes
**Then being reminded to put his clothes away (as he disregards this step in doing his laundry)
**Having to do the dishes (the Grumbling app echoes throughout this task, not just when given the direction)
**General clean up after himself
**Being told that parents will inspect Graphic Novels before being read by the son
**Anything that draws him away from his video games

     I, the Mother Unit, have found a couple of my own response applications to solve the Grumbling app error.  Ignoring the sound, especially if he follows the direction, does not escalate the situation to an argument.  If my son continues the Grumbling app to the point of arguing, then I apply the Threatening to Take Away Privilege response, which usually ends the Grumbling.