May = Zombie Appreciation Month?

May recognizes many events and cultures here in America.  Cinco De Mayo.  Asian Pacific heritage.  And now, according to a few internet sites, it now pays homage to an ethnicity that has evolved throughout the decades.  Zombies. 

Being a fan of the zombie genre myself, I wrote a poem.

Ode to the Zombie….by Missey Twisted

Oh, zombie, dead and rotting,
no breath or heartbeat,
yet somehow walking
down my street. 

Skin clinging to rickety bones,
intestines trailing out,
or missing limbs, yet
you still creep about.

Are you mutants of radiation?
God’s harsh judgement?
Or the tragedy of a botched
government experiment?

Be you from a science lab,
mortician, or fresh grave,
it’s our warm and sultry
flesh you most crave.

On the prowl
dawn, day, and night,
you stalk the living
with a ferocious appetite.

You trap us in farmhouses,
skyscrapers, and in malls,
then chase us out,
screaming down the halls.

One bite or drop of blood
spreads the dreadful virus,
and we haven’t a chance
once it’s inside us.

Soon we die and rise again
to join the ranks of walking dead.
Only to be stopped
by a shot to the head.

Then a few zombies
turn to dozens
and entire zip codes
inhabit zombie citizens.

Cities, states, provinces, countries
fall prey to your decaying kiss.
Your hordes wander the land,
and viola! Your own apocalypse!

Yet through the nightmare,
I salute the zombies.
Determined, driven, and successful,
a potential dominant species.

Never desired or sexy,
always terrible and horrid.
Dearest zombie, you are
eternally, infinitely scary and morbid.


3 thoughts on “May = Zombie Appreciation Month?

  1. Hey this is great! Neatly frames our love-hate relationship
    with the animated corpse. I’ve heard the record for largest
    gathering of zombies has recently been broken, as a total
    of 900 cadavers gathered to show their support during an
    annual zombie march.

    I find it ironic that the modern Zombie is far less tame then
    it’s legendary counter- part. In a world where vampires and
    wherewolves are now considered cudly – A humble undead
    slave, more likely to sweep your floors then eat you – has
    decided to rip off it’s face and go postal on it’s former
    human masters. Kind of makes since considering . . .

    I’ve written a flash fiction based on the more classic
    concept. A tribute to efforts of the Working Dead . . .
    follow this link if you’d like me to introduce you to Sam.

  2. Thanks, R! Yes, zombies have quite evolved. Now some can run, jump, think, and communicate about taking over the living.
    I read about your Sam a bit ago. Poor guy. I hope the one who ordered him to harm himself got a swift kick in the arse.

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