Three weeks ago, I started a wonderful new therapist job with a cozy office in a mill building up in Lawrence.  Quickly, I realized, this is the environment that started my Coffee Cravings a few years ago.  Sitting at a desk for hours and hours a day.  The afternoon heat and humidity warming my office and mixing with my newly setting lunch.  Naptime! 

So I have found myself reaching for my favorite Eeyore mug filled with Bailey’s almond creamed java.  But I’m still only sipping about a half a cup a day, because I want to maintain the reduction in always feeling hectic and chaotic.  Some days, I bring tea.  One day at the office, I found some Mint Green Tea… smelled heavenly and was oh, so soothing to the throat and sinuses bothered by allergies. 

Another way I am keeping the Cravings at bay is balancing the sitting with the moving.  When my eyes start to cross from paperwork, back aches, or I start zoning out, I take the walk down the 5 flight of stairs to the parking lot.  Then I draw in a few deep breaths of fresh airs, then climb back up five flights of stairs. 

But on Thursday, I did bend to the temptation of Heav’nly Donuts in Methuen when I passed by.  Heav’nly has the BEST iced coffee around, and with crazy flavors like Blueberry Swirl, Cinnamon, and sometimes Snickers.  I had some Mocha mixture. 

So even with the new job and tons of paperwork, am still conquering the coffee hunger.