This morning, MSN had a link to about 67 TV shows that are getting cancelled.  And one in particular, I was NOT happy about. 

ABC’s “V” will not be returning next season.  What?!  But you can’t do this!!!  Lisa, heir to the V throne, is in a dungeon, and her human boyfriend is dead.  The human-visitor hybrid baby put nearly all of humanity under her “Bliss,” leaving them staring wide eyed up at the Mothership.  Then we found out there’s a top secret base way underground that can blow Anna to Kingdome Come.  Not the best time to cancel a show, ABC….

V won’t be returning but idiot shows like Dancing with the Stars and the wasteland of Jersey Shore will continue.  Bleck.  And Two and a Half Men will be returning, with Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen.  Please people, just let this one die…John Cryer and Ashton will not have the same chemistry, plus Ashton’s too young.  And Jake is like 17 now.   

But it does appear that ABC may have a their Wednesday night line up in order.  After playing around with shows like Mr. Sunshine and Better With You, the better shows are staying.  My ABC favorites will keep rolling: Modern Family and Cougar Town, along with equally entertaining “The Middle,” and new show “Happy Endings.”   

Am waiting to see if AMC’s The Walking Dead will return, but haven’t been searching too hard either. 

Here’s a link to 89 shows that are getting Canned.