As I watch my Oli sleeping sweetly in one of his favorite spots, I think , ‘Boy, does he have the The Life.’  And sometimes I find myself wishing I was a cat.  And this is what it would be like…..

Oli can go to work all day……while I lounge around, looking out the window at the birdies and squirrels.
Oli can get my food for me…….and sweep it off the floor when I drop some. 
Oli can wash the dishes……while I snooze on the couch.
When Oli makes the bed……I will watch patiently for my chance to lay on the new blanket and shed my hair all over it.
Oli can do our yardwork… I tease the neighborhood dogs from the windows. 

Oli can fold the laundry……after he shoo-s me out it because I was snuggling with it and making sure it was soft enough for my keepers.
Oli can clean my room……as I sharpen my nails on my favorite curvy scratching post. 
Oli will go grocery shopping…….while I get hyped up on catnip and run amuck in the house. 
Oli can help the boy with homework…..while I catch moths and mice and eat them….Wait, eeww, no.  Not eat them…maybe just bat them around a bit. 
Oli can play board games with the family…….and I’ll sit in the middle of it all and supervise it, making sure it’s played correctly. 
Oli can clean MY toilet…..and I will chew on some tape. 

And when I hear Oli comes home, I will wait lovingly at the door and stare at him admiringly, and then snuggle endlessly with him.