Tornadoes in Massachusetts

I don’t know how many times we’ve commented that we don’t get horrendously scary weather here in Massachusetts.  We get some blizzards here and there, but no tornados. 
But I listened to WBZ new radio in Boston and watched the news, waiting to hear if the storms that hit about two hours west of us would travel to Chelmsford.  I waited to see if the storms Southwest and North of us would somehow colide or spawn a storm cell over community.  Fortunately thus far this evening, we have been spared.  I believe we still have an hour to go under a tornado “watch,” meaning weather conditions can cause a tornado.  The “warning” in towns about twenty miles southeast of us were lifted shortly before 9:00.  At least four have died in Massachusetts. 
We peered through the picture window over the pond with wide eyes, taking in the skies changing from green to yellow.  Skies I’ve seen in the South, just on the edge of a storm. 
The rain and lightening have ceased, leaving a now eerily calm and cool evening….  for some images, reports, and stories of the mayhem.


3 thoughts on “Tornadoes in Massachusetts

  1. hi, I lived in Boston for 2 years while at school and have moved back to my home country. Did tornadoes really come to MA? I didn’t think it could happen… I hope it’s not devastating.

    • Amazingly, yes. Some touched down in the Springfield/Westfield area. There are some demolished buildings, some guy filmed a tree falling in the road and roofs being ripped off. There was also moth ball sized hail in some areas. My son even didn’t believe me when I first told hims “bad weather” was on the way. Spent much of the evening watching the news.

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