200,000 miles and still going!


On Thursday, my beloved 2000 VW Beetle turned 200,000 miles.  And she’s still going.  Just without as much guster as a few years ago.  But that’s what driving all over the state of Massachusetts does to a car. 

My Beetle’s name is Ladybug, and the featured pic is from the H2O car show in 2009 when my man speckled her with paint.  People loved it.  Some even suggested to keep it that way.  But, I couldn’t quite see me arriving to a client’s home in such a wonderful and colorful car. 

For eleven years now, I’ve been known as the woman who drives the “buggy” or bug.  I grin every time I see someone slug another person as I drive by.  Although it would be nice to feel that “new” car sensation, a huge part of my heart hopes I’ll be driving this Beetle for eleven more years. 

Here’s to 200,000 more  miles!


2 thoughts on “200,000 miles and still going!

  1. Congrats on your 200k! I’m considering getting a 2010 New Bettle. It’s good to knw they last. However, have you have any major problems with your bug?

  2. My 2000 model has bad blind spots, so I have to take a good look around before switching lanes. And one time a few years ago, my gas tank cover got stuck closed and then broke when we finally pried it open.
    Other than that, she has driven me across the country more than once. 🙂

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