All one has to do is watch a bit of TV or pass by a movie theatre to realize that this summer’s blockbuster list is made of mostly sequels and re-makes.   And so far, we’ve seen three.  So here’s the run down (meaning my Twisted opinion) of the movies we’ve sat in the big theatre for:  (possible spoilers!)

Fast and Furious 5:  I’m not a huge fan of this franchise, but this one is pretty good.  On the timeline, it takes place after 4 and before Tokyo Drift.   What’s great is that many characters from the movies ban together, including the oh-so-hot Han who softly flings his dark locks out of his eyes while tearing down the streets of Rio.  The flic does get a bit crazy, as the gang destroys much of the city, dragging a safe behind them. 

Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides:  I didn’t want to see this one, as the third one ended wonderfully.  Full circle to Barbosa stealing the Black Pearl and Jack having only a dingy and the crucial part of the map leading to the Fountain of Youth.  But I felt obliged, especially since my son wanted to see it.  This movie is decent….if you haven’t seen the others.  My son disagrees.  But if you’ve grown to love the Pirates, you’ll be disappointed, as many the Pirates of the Caribbean aren’t on the Stranger Tides.  No Pintel or Ragetti.  No Cotton or his Parrot.   In fact, there’s no Black Pearl.   To me, if it wasn’t for Barbosa blackmailing Master Gibbs to team up with him, Stranger Tides would not have been worth the tickets.  It literally lacked a lot of the character from the other three films. 

X-Men First Class:  Okay, so I may be a bit biased on this one, as First Class is the one sequel I looked forward to this year.  I agreed with other audience members who claimed it is the best of the X-Men series.  But that’s only if you like more story than action to your movies.  James McAvoy is brilliant as a young and flirtatious telepathic Charles Xavier.  Watch Erik Lehnsherr yield metal throughout his concentration camp years and eventually become Magneto.   Mystique’s battle to be accepted into society and to accept herself as a blue shapeshifter is a classic story in itself.  Genius Hank McCoy’s transforms into The Beast.  Some of my favorite moments were when Sean Cassidy molded his sonic voice into something useful, and Banshee took flight.  There’s a kickin’ cameo that I won’t spoil, and the Cuban missile crisis is avoided.  Yeah for mutants!

As for the film re-makes, I just may check out the new Fright Night in August.  This time, my favorite and revered 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant steps up to play the quirky vampire hunter, filling Roddy McDowall’s shoes.