So, Sarah Palin is taking a “historical vacation” in a tour bus, stopping in many primary states.  I think the goal is to restore some fundamental whatevers to America.  Well, good for you, Sarah.  We all know what she’s really up to, and it’s scaring me.  Someone , please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese prove that this is an expensive, elaborate joke against the American people.  I’m waiting for a spokesperson to take the stand at a press conference and say; “Psych!” 

I mean, nobody in their right minds would vote for Sarah Palin to lead this country when she cannot get the history correct.  Right?  Well if you somehow have not heard, Sarah vomited stupidity out of her mouth once again with her own rendition of Paul Revere’s ride:

Then, when confronted about it, continued to spew nonsense:

Yes, Sarah, the British crossed the Atlantic just to take our guns.  Not that our ancestors fled Britain to gain other freedoms like speech and religion.   

So in response to this One Nation Tour, I have decided to start a Save This Nation Tour from my laptop (seeing as how I do not have the funds for a giant bus or fuel).  The purpose of the Save This Nation Tour is to knock some sense into the American People and save it from the impending doom that will follow if this woman becomes president.  My virtual Get a Clue bus will be packed with medias, opinions, and rants to remind us that we do not have to reduced to the likes of Sarah Palin.   If you want to ride on my bus, read and leave comments.  If you look out the window now, you’ll see one of my favorite people, Stephen Colbert:

Now I do have an open mind.  I would love to hear from the American People in regards to how one can still vote for Sarah Palin to be anywhere near our White House and be President. 

See y’all at another Save this Nation stop!