Western Massachusetts was shocked and devastated by tornados a couple of weeks ago. 

Now, we’re less than a week from the official first day of summer.  But not according to the thermometer.  Sunday evening, I turned the heat back on a bit as the high temp never got out of the 60’s, and dropped to 50’s.  Monday I was back in my boots due to the rain.  Yesterday, the high was only in the 50’s, sparking the use of a light jacket and scarf.  WHAT?!  It’s JUNE!! 

But today, it looks like Northern Mass will reach a high of 74-ish.  That’s quite lovely, still not summer weather, but very comfortable.  And by the weekend, the temp should be 80 and sunny so the Man can spend his Father’s Day toying around with a couple of old Volkswagens. 

Please let me know when I can put away our winter clothing.