Okay, so the elevator in the 100 year old mill building I work in could just be ‘old.’  But “haunted” just sounds more interesting. 

For instance, when waiting with my arms full of stuff on the first floor, I get quite frustrated.  According to the lights, the elevator usually is stuck on the 2nd floor.  So I push the button to inform the elevator that I need it to carry me up.  But, the lift will head upwards towards the 5th and 6th floor, instead of taking a few seconds to pick me up first.  So I huff and tap my foot, reminding myself that this is a machine with no rationality. 

But this morning when the elevator left me waiting, it came back down to the first floor with no one inside.  No one.  Why did it travel up to the top floors, then come back down to the first floor without any passengers?  Did people just ding-dong ditch the elevator? 

Then later this afternoon, I rode down with about four other people.  It stopped at every single floor, doors opened, but no one else got in.  Four floors it did this.  A guy standing in the lift made a joke about the elevator being haunted.  Makes sense to me……

Inspires me to take the stairs more.