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Reasons Why I Won’t Be Visiting New York — July 24, 2011

Reasons Why I Won’t Be Visiting New York

Ever since taking a day trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, my family has desired to visit New York again during the warmer months.  I’d love to see Central Park in Bloom.  My husband wanted to take our son to the Empire State Building.  And recently I read an article on MSN outlining the top reasons to visit New York this year.  Of course, I cannot find this particular article now.   I got excited about spending our anniversary weekend in Big Apple, taking the advice of the article to plan a visit to the Museum of Moving Images. 

But there is one reason why we won’t vacation in New York any time soon.

M O N E Y.

I shall begin with the hotel issue.  I wanted to park my car at the hotel and walk and/or take short subway rides to and from our hotel room and attractions.  And I planned on simply sleeping and showering at the hotel.  Maybe enjoying a roof top or balcony view of the city at night. 

Well, those hotels cost $300 to $400 plus a night. 

Except for the unique Chelsea Pines Hotel that gets excellent reviews online.  But it was completely booked for the weekend of our anniversary.  So I called Expedia for help and settled on the Ravel in Long Island for a grand total of $225 for one night.  It gets mixed reviews, but one thing most agreed on was that the rooms were spacious. 

Great.  Got a place to crash.  Now let’s plan some fun.

The man really wanted to see the Empire State Building.  Cool.  I guess it would be an unforgettable memory for our son to ride the elevator of a historic building and see New York City from the top.  But it’s $20 per person to ride that elevator.  I don’t see the point in paying that much when the Ravel boasts grand views of the City from it’s rooftop bar.  Perhaps there is more to do at Empire than ride a crowded elevator?  Somebody please let me know.  So the Empire State Building is Out. 

The man thought it would be delightful to surprise me with a Broadway Show.  The cheapest seats he could find were $100.  So a two or more hour show would cost $300.  And this is not including dinner and a glass of wine to complete a lovely evening.  Now Broadway is Out. 

That’s okay.  We can still go the Museum of Moving Images for $10 an adult and check out the Jim Henson exhibit. 

I can’t go to New York without devouring a giant piece of pizza that I have to fold in half to eat.  No forks or knives allowed.  Thought it would be awesome to eat in Times Square.  There are several pizzerias in the area, some that are more pricey and one that boats 99 cent slices.  Excellent.  I’ve got my heart-attack pizza slice I can stuff into my face while watching some artsy free show in Times Square. 

So, I’ve got Muppets and pizza.  Other museums, such as the Natural History, is also fairly affordable.  But I don’t have anything else that makes New York so famously New York. 

But I cannot justify spending the $225 to partake in only these attractions. 

And I haven’t even touched the price of gas to get there or the costs of parking. 

So New York is Out this year.  I called Expedia this morning and cancelled the hotel reservation.  I don’t live in NY state and therefore don’t make NY money. 

I’ll be enjoying camping, a car show, and beaches this summer. 

It’s too hot for…. — July 21, 2011

It’s too hot for….

It’s too hot for…..

          cooking          L A U N D R Y                  w A s H i N g  the D i S h E s            

                                        …..sleeping peacefully……..

Driving                              WORK                           yardWORK   

            c u D D l i n g           Petting The Cat            Arguing

     being a DORK          Being outsidE          being  n i c e


Super Soldiers            Alien Abduction            a zombie apocalypse  

                                   H A R R Y    P O T T E R 

                        Winnie the Pooh ( and Tigger too )

                    w A r          sarah palin          democRATS

Piers Morgan  and  Howie Mandell  and  singers, jugglers, and magician, oh my!

                     F i R e W o R k S          bugs          HikinG   

Crying Babies       misBEHAVing children     s t u p i d  p a r e n t s

                                       Y O U  and  M E

It Wouldn’t Be Summer Without….. — July 20, 2011

It Wouldn’t Be Summer Without…..



Slurpees/Slushees/Icees.  When I was a little girl, I rode with my father each Sunday to the 7-11 so he could buy a newspaper.  He bought me an Icee.   I slurped down the frozen goodness while walking back to the truck and did not stop until every drop was emptied from the cup and the straw.  My favorite is still the classic Coke and cherry flavors mixed together.  Although the new Cowboys and Aliens strawberry, raspberry, and lemonade flavor is pretty tasty. 

New pair of flip flops.  Go ahead.  You deserve it.

Bright red toenails.  It’s almost a fashion no-no for the toes to go bare.  So brighten them up with luscious red. 

Blueberry iced coffee.  Whether you relish Heav’nly or Dunks coffee, creamed blueberry flavor is the perfect summer treat. 

Beach towel skirts.  They may be chlorinated or salt scented and dusted with sand.  Super heroes, neon colors, or Spongebob Squarepants are splattered all over them.  Yet beach towels find themselves around or waists and as an acceptable piece of clothing to wear walking to snack shop or to the car. 

Cheddarbrats.  Throw them on the grill, cook them until they almost burst, slather them with ketchup and savor the cheesy sausage.  Yummmmmm. 

The summer blockbuster movie.  Lounge in an air conditioned theatre and be glued to a giant screen filled with aliens, mutants, or pirates (mutated, alien pirates anyone?)  Fill the belly with a gallon of soda and a pound of buttered popcorn.  Great escape from the scorching heat. 

Watermelon.  Southern people LOVE watermelon.  My parents’ anniversary.  Fourth of July.  Birthdays.  Any family gathering warranted a ginormous watermelon.  My eyes and stomach grew just as big as the juicy treat as I waited for my father to cut into it.  Then the divine nectar dribbled down my chin and tiny hands as I dug or spat out the seeds.  Though I have mastered eating it without as much mess, watermelon still brings me back to care-free childhood summers.

Sidenote to the Natural Upgrade — July 16, 2011

Sidenote to the Natural Upgrade

The day has finally arrived.  Our only child upgrades from Child to Adolescent (Teen-ager) 13.0.  And we, the Parental Units, are…smiling with pride. 

Some maternal recess in my mind is bracing for impact of the events to come.  Acne.  Backtalking.  Laziness.  Sudden growth spurts.  Bottomless pit stomach.  Crazed hormones.  Bitchy and clingy girlfriends.  Driving lessons.

But now I realize that he is the one who will be on the front lines battling these.  He will experience and suffer throughout these in his own unique way.  Hopefully he’ll learn from the common mistakes made during the teen years and not continually make the same mistakes.  And we, the parents, will be the medics standing by to help patch things up.  And we’ll be the commanding officers making sure he remains in line. 

I suppose Adolescence does not have to be an absolute nightmare.  As long as we are with him every step of the way, but giving him the appropriate space to discover what kind of man he will be.

Aftermath of the Theft — July 15, 2011

Aftermath of the Theft

It’s been a week since someone snatched my purse (but not my wallet) out of the backpack in my office.  Although there have been other belongings stolen from colleagues (IPOD, camera, DSI) my incident caused my employer to take a lot of safety measures. 

Both entrances to the counseling clinic are now locked.  It’s a bit more difficult to come and go between the front desk and the counseling office.  I still get chills when hearing the door click behind me. 

When seeing clients at 6 pm, we cannot meet with them in our individual offices where all of our cool games and other supplies are in easy reach.  Since there’s strength in numbers, we have to come together in the evenings on the opposite side of our offices. 

There are other staffing decisions that affect all programs in the agency and the clients. 

So, some selfish jerk is prancing around with my phone and favorite lip gloss, and we work in an Alcatraz of paranoia?  Frightened of the next hit?  Scared that if we leave our door open to go pee, something else will get ripped off?  And compared to other crimes, my victimization was truthfully nothing.  Yet there is always the ‘what if’ factor of computers getting stolen or somebody getting hurt.  I know the new policies are to keep us safe and minimize the chance of this happening again to another employee.  And I suppose when I don’t feel like my nerves are going to bust through my skin, I do feel safer.

They Stole My Purse, but not My Wallet? — July 8, 2011

They Stole My Purse, but not My Wallet?

So Thursday’s work day ended on a horribly sour note.  I get all the way down to my car and realize my purse is NOT nestled in my back pack.  I roll my eyes because I have to haul myself back up to the 5th floor and retrieve my purse, even though I was positive I didn’t remove it from my bag.  But my army green shoulder bag was NOT in my tiny office either. 

You know that feeling of being hit in the chest which snaps your breath away?  Yep.  I’ll save you the story of searching through the outpatient clinic and waiting area or my gracious co-working continuously calling my phone until hearing two Spanish speaking men on the other line, and skip to the befuddling part.  

My wallet lay safely in my back pack like a child sleeping through an earthquake, where I had left it after buying a chilli dog on Essex Street.  Undisturbed and oblivious to the ensuing chaos around it.  Well now, ain’t that a ray of sunshine in the hurricane? 

So, was I the victim of a gracious thief?  Did he/she go into my office, rummage through my back pack, realizing I had no money, and just snatched my purse (which had my cell phone)?  Did this gracious thief show a bit of mercy by not taking my driver’s license, bank card, and favorite wallet sized picture of my son? 

Or was the bandit in a hurry? Did he/she hear me coming back from the waiting area and just take what he could get?    (Then be furious that it had nothing but an old phone in it, ha ha!)  Perhaps one of the other staff still in the office closed on his area. (That’s the frightening part: someone crept into my office when I left it for a few moments and while a therapist, a mentor, and two young clients were just down the hall.  This could have been a LOT worse). 

Or am I dealing with a completely blind thief? 

In any way, I am extremely grateful and relieved I am not replacing my ID’s in addition to suspending the service on my EnV2.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…. — July 6, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates….

In Forrest Gump, Sally Field said one of the most memorable lines ever:  “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” 

I think life is like a box of chocolates in many ways:

Life is like a box of chocolates- it’s too expensive for me to truthfully enjoy.
                                                 – it’s better when shared with someone.
Life is like a box of chocolates- it can be sweet, dark, or full of nuts.  
                                                 – it sometimes melts into a gooey mess.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you can indulge it in quiet moments, share it with loved ones, or hoard it all to yourself.

Life is like a box of chocolates- it can be a gift.
                                                 – it’s gone before you know it. 

Yummy!  How else is life like a box of chocolates?