My son doesn’t like to dine on much meat, mostly just bacon, pork chops, and chicken nuggets.  He just started eating plain hamburgers this year.  He used to call himself a vegetarian, but I reminded him that he doesn’t eat many of those either, just carrots and potatoes.  Getting him to try new foods is like getting the Republicans and Democrats to agree on the national budget:  it’s a miracle if it happens. 

But a few days ago, one of his friends came to the home.  Granted the Friend is fourteen and Cam is about to be thirteen, but we weren’t prepared for Lunch. 

I made mini hamburgers with Hawaiian sweet rolls.  The kids each ate two while I cooked the little patties for me and the hubby.  Friend indicates he is still hungry, and I tell him they can pop popcorn a bit later.  Friend asks politely if he can have two more hamburgers.  He complemented that the burgers were quite tasty.  So I made him two more and then me and the hubby sat down to eat.  I made an extra mini patty for the hubby, yet he also stopped consuming home-made; Hawaiian/New Castle hamburgers after two.  So the Friend ate the last one.  He ate five plus some tater tots, the adults ate two.  How much does this kid eat at his own home? 

 The realization of a ravenous and apparently insatiable appetite of the teen-aged male stomach spilled over me like ice water.  And I gazed at my skinny, finicky eater and smiled with much gratitude.