So Thursday’s work day ended on a horribly sour note.  I get all the way down to my car and realize my purse is NOT nestled in my back pack.  I roll my eyes because I have to haul myself back up to the 5th floor and retrieve my purse, even though I was positive I didn’t remove it from my bag.  But my army green shoulder bag was NOT in my tiny office either. 

You know that feeling of being hit in the chest which snaps your breath away?  Yep.  I’ll save you the story of searching through the outpatient clinic and waiting area or my gracious co-working continuously calling my phone until hearing two Spanish speaking men on the other line, and skip to the befuddling part.  

My wallet lay safely in my back pack like a child sleeping through an earthquake, where I had left it after buying a chilli dog on Essex Street.  Undisturbed and oblivious to the ensuing chaos around it.  Well now, ain’t that a ray of sunshine in the hurricane? 

So, was I the victim of a gracious thief?  Did he/she go into my office, rummage through my back pack, realizing I had no money, and just snatched my purse (which had my cell phone)?  Did this gracious thief show a bit of mercy by not taking my driver’s license, bank card, and favorite wallet sized picture of my son? 

Or was the bandit in a hurry? Did he/she hear me coming back from the waiting area and just take what he could get?    (Then be furious that it had nothing but an old phone in it, ha ha!)  Perhaps one of the other staff still in the office closed on his area. (That’s the frightening part: someone crept into my office when I left it for a few moments and while a therapist, a mentor, and two young clients were just down the hall.  This could have been a LOT worse). 

Or am I dealing with a completely blind thief? 

In any way, I am extremely grateful and relieved I am not replacing my ID’s in addition to suspending the service on my EnV2.