It’s been a week since someone snatched my purse (but not my wallet) out of the backpack in my office.  Although there have been other belongings stolen from colleagues (IPOD, camera, DSI) my incident caused my employer to take a lot of safety measures. 

Both entrances to the counseling clinic are now locked.  It’s a bit more difficult to come and go between the front desk and the counseling office.  I still get chills when hearing the door click behind me. 

When seeing clients at 6 pm, we cannot meet with them in our individual offices where all of our cool games and other supplies are in easy reach.  Since there’s strength in numbers, we have to come together in the evenings on the opposite side of our offices. 

There are other staffing decisions that affect all programs in the agency and the clients. 

So, some selfish jerk is prancing around with my phone and favorite lip gloss, and we work in an Alcatraz of paranoia?  Frightened of the next hit?  Scared that if we leave our door open to go pee, something else will get ripped off?  And compared to other crimes, my victimization was truthfully nothing.  Yet there is always the ‘what if’ factor of computers getting stolen or somebody getting hurt.  I know the new policies are to keep us safe and minimize the chance of this happening again to another employee.  And I suppose when I don’t feel like my nerves are going to bust through my skin, I do feel safer.