The day has finally arrived.  Our only child upgrades from Child to Adolescent (Teen-ager) 13.0.  And we, the Parental Units, are…smiling with pride. 

Some maternal recess in my mind is bracing for impact of the events to come.  Acne.  Backtalking.  Laziness.  Sudden growth spurts.  Bottomless pit stomach.  Crazed hormones.  Bitchy and clingy girlfriends.  Driving lessons.

But now I realize that he is the one who will be on the front lines battling these.  He will experience and suffer throughout these in his own unique way.  Hopefully he’ll learn from the common mistakes made during the teen years and not continually make the same mistakes.  And we, the parents, will be the medics standing by to help patch things up.  And we’ll be the commanding officers making sure he remains in line. 

I suppose Adolescence does not have to be an absolute nightmare.  As long as we are with him every step of the way, but giving him the appropriate space to discover what kind of man he will be.