Slurpees/Slushees/Icees.  When I was a little girl, I rode with my father each Sunday to the 7-11 so he could buy a newspaper.  He bought me an Icee.   I slurped down the frozen goodness while walking back to the truck and did not stop until every drop was emptied from the cup and the straw.  My favorite is still the classic Coke and cherry flavors mixed together.  Although the new Cowboys and Aliens strawberry, raspberry, and lemonade flavor is pretty tasty. 

New pair of flip flops.  Go ahead.  You deserve it.

Bright red toenails.  It’s almost a fashion no-no for the toes to go bare.  So brighten them up with luscious red. 

Blueberry iced coffee.  Whether you relish Heav’nly or Dunks coffee, creamed blueberry flavor is the perfect summer treat. 

Beach towel skirts.  They may be chlorinated or salt scented and dusted with sand.  Super heroes, neon colors, or Spongebob Squarepants are splattered all over them.  Yet beach towels find themselves around or waists and as an acceptable piece of clothing to wear walking to snack shop or to the car. 

Cheddarbrats.  Throw them on the grill, cook them until they almost burst, slather them with ketchup and savor the cheesy sausage.  Yummmmmm. 

The summer blockbuster movie.  Lounge in an air conditioned theatre and be glued to a giant screen filled with aliens, mutants, or pirates (mutated, alien pirates anyone?)  Fill the belly with a gallon of soda and a pound of buttered popcorn.  Great escape from the scorching heat. 

Watermelon.  Southern people LOVE watermelon.  My parents’ anniversary.  Fourth of July.  Birthdays.  Any family gathering warranted a ginormous watermelon.  My eyes and stomach grew just as big as the juicy treat as I waited for my father to cut into it.  Then the divine nectar dribbled down my chin and tiny hands as I dug or spat out the seeds.  Though I have mastered eating it without as much mess, watermelon still brings me back to care-free childhood summers.