It’s too hot for…..

          cooking          L A U N D R Y                  w A s H i N g  the D i S h E s            

                                        …..sleeping peacefully……..

Driving                              WORK                           yardWORK   

            c u D D l i n g           Petting The Cat            Arguing

     being a DORK          Being outsidE          being  n i c e


Super Soldiers            Alien Abduction            a zombie apocalypse  

                                   H A R R Y    P O T T E R 

                        Winnie the Pooh ( and Tigger too )

                    w A r          sarah palin          democRATS

Piers Morgan  and  Howie Mandell  and  singers, jugglers, and magician, oh my!

                     F i R e W o R k S          bugs          HikinG   

Crying Babies       misBEHAVing children     s t u p i d  p a r e n t s

                                       Y O U  and  M E