Ever since taking a day trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, my family has desired to visit New York again during the warmer months.  I’d love to see Central Park in Bloom.  My husband wanted to take our son to the Empire State Building.  And recently I read an article on MSN outlining the top reasons to visit New York this year.  Of course, I cannot find this particular article now.   I got excited about spending our anniversary weekend in Big Apple, taking the advice of the article to plan a visit to the Museum of Moving Images. 

But there is one reason why we won’t vacation in New York any time soon.

M O N E Y.

I shall begin with the hotel issue.  I wanted to park my car at the hotel and walk and/or take short subway rides to and from our hotel room and attractions.  And I planned on simply sleeping and showering at the hotel.  Maybe enjoying a roof top or balcony view of the city at night. 

Well, those hotels cost $300 to $400 plus a night. 

Except for the unique Chelsea Pines Hotel that gets excellent reviews online.  But it was completely booked for the weekend of our anniversary.  So I called Expedia for help and settled on the Ravel in Long Island for a grand total of $225 for one night.  It gets mixed reviews, but one thing most agreed on was that the rooms were spacious. 

Great.  Got a place to crash.  Now let’s plan some fun.

The man really wanted to see the Empire State Building.  Cool.  I guess it would be an unforgettable memory for our son to ride the elevator of a historic building and see New York City from the top.  But it’s $20 per person to ride that elevator.  I don’t see the point in paying that much when the Ravel boasts grand views of the City from it’s rooftop bar.  Perhaps there is more to do at Empire than ride a crowded elevator?  Somebody please let me know.  So the Empire State Building is Out. 

The man thought it would be delightful to surprise me with a Broadway Show.  The cheapest seats he could find were $100.  So a two or more hour show would cost $300.  And this is not including dinner and a glass of wine to complete a lovely evening.  Now Broadway is Out. 

That’s okay.  We can still go the Museum of Moving Images for $10 an adult and check out the Jim Henson exhibit. 

I can’t go to New York without devouring a giant piece of pizza that I have to fold in half to eat.  No forks or knives allowed.  Thought it would be awesome to eat in Times Square.  There are several pizzerias in the area, some that are more pricey and one that boats 99 cent slices.  Excellent.  I’ve got my heart-attack pizza slice I can stuff into my face while watching some artsy free show in Times Square. 

So, I’ve got Muppets and pizza.  Other museums, such as the Natural History, is also fairly affordable.  But I don’t have anything else that makes New York so famously New York. 

But I cannot justify spending the $225 to partake in only these attractions. 

And I haven’t even touched the price of gas to get there or the costs of parking. 

So New York is Out this year.  I called Expedia this morning and cancelled the hotel reservation.  I don’t live in NY state and therefore don’t make NY money. 

I’ll be enjoying camping, a car show, and beaches this summer.