Rest in Peace, Oliver

May 2002 – August 2011

I adopted you from my friend in 2003 because you were beating up the dog and being mean to the new kittens in her home.  You grew on us quickly.  While the Mister served in Iraq, you cuddled around my head at night and combed my hair.  You climbed an occasional tree.  You went on an exploration away from home a couple of times, but always came back.  You used to strut along the wooden fence in the backyard, get all the dogs riled up, then trot inside, leaving them barking.  You tolerated endless squeezing hugs from a little boy who grew into a teen-ager as you aged.  You left us surprises, such as bird feathers in the basement.  We never found the rest of the bird.  My favorite cushy chair was also your favorite cushy chair, as you swished me in the face with your tail when I nestled into it.  A moth entertained you for hours.  Mice stood no chance against you. 

You fell sick, Oli, and we treated you the best we could.  I know you hated the trip to the vet’s, but we hated the news more.  The news that you would not be with us much longer.  We chose to bring you back home and spend your last days  those who love you. 

Goodbye, Oliver.  We will miss you.