The most recent rental from the Redbox inspired me to further explore the storyline of an innocent little baby ending up in the hands of an unintentional guardian.  Usually the guardians are male.  This tale has been sung over and over, yet we still enjoy it.  Here are seven of my favorites:

Madmartigan, Willow, and Elora in Willow.

Baby Elora is possible the child prophesied that will bring down an evil sorceress queen.  Yet her mother escapes her imprisonment and sends Elora on a raft down a river, where she is discovered by the dwarf, Willow.  Willow gets the help of a charismatic swordsman, Madmartigan, and together they save the baby from the queen’s army, fighting of trolls, a moat monster, and dealing with strange folk.  Yet another awesome 80’s movie. 



Tarzan and Kala, Disney’s Tarzan

The scene where Kala finds the helpless human baby after his parents are attacked by Sabor is simply unforgettable.  Kala discovers how awkward, fragile, and stinky human babies can be.  I especially liked how she carried him by his diaper.






Manfred, Sid, Diego, and Baby, Ice Age

We are the strangest herd I’ve ever seen,” Sid the sloth comments when he, Manfred the mammoth and Diego the saber tooth tiger band together to return a baby to the man herd.  And one among this herd wanted to eat the poor kid.

Smith, Donna, and Oliver, Shoot ‘Em Up

Smith is a carrot-eating, gunslinging bad-ass.  Donna is a prostitute who can still breast feed.  They find themselves caring and saving a baby whose mother was killed during a shoot out.  Smith and Donna give Oliver everything a baby needs:  food, diapers folded from newspapers, a hat made of Smith’s sock, and a bullet-proof vest that serves as a carrier/bed. 

Marc Antony and Pussyfoot, Looney Tunes 

Okay, so this is not a movie.  But as a kid, I always enjoyed Pussyfoot knitting Marc Antony’s fur on his back before nestling in for a nap.  And then Marc Antony would pound anyone that tried to hurt the kitty. 






Sully, Mike Wizowski, and “Boo,” Monster’s Inc
Boo is a little girl who sneaks into the Monster’s world via her closet.  Children are thought to be toxic in the Monster World, so everyone is terrified of the absolute cutest Disney character ever.  Monster roommates, Sully and Mike dress her up like a baby monster and eventually return her to her bedroom.  And Boo overcame her fear of the boogeyman in her closet. 

And my new favorite baby/guardian mismatch:

Laundry Man (Yang) and April, Warrior’s Way

Yang is a Sad Flute assassin out to kill all members of his rival swordsman clan.  He slices through them all until he opens a box and sees a baby princess laughing up at him.  So he doesn’t kill all of his rivals.  Yang clutches the princess by her blanket straps while slinging his blade through a cloud of flying ninja assassins.  She is then hauled through the deserts of the American Southwest, hanging by a make-shift bouncer from a bamboo cane over his shoulder.  Baby and killer guardian revive a laundry business in a tiny town.  Yang is mostly silent, while the infant princess smiles and laughs.  “Laundry Man” and April soon find other family members such as a drunken ex-train robber and a midget named Eight Ball.