Since my boy is now home from camp for a couple of weeks before school starts, I leave my cell phone at home for him to use just in case of anything.  Granted, the phone is a silver Razor from five years ago because my EnV was stolen.  But it’s better than the boy not having any way to call anyone. 

And I don’t miss that phone.

Call it going back to the Dark Ages.  Call it Old School.  But I can be reached at work on a landline phone if needed by the husband or boy.  Remember those?  Landlines…… 

Why don’t I miss the cell phone?  I am not interrupted by some random person calling me at work.   Or sending me a silly text message.  Therefore, I only need to snatch up the work phone when it goes off and not worry about checking the cell every hour.  And I don’t have to worry about putting another phone on silent during sessions.  Or worry about turning the volume back up on the cell after work.  I drive to work and home without getting a phone call.  So I blast the radio. 

And most awesomely, I don’t have to fret about forgetting my phone at home.  I could get used to this.