Growing up and living along the Gulf Coast in the past, my favorite weather was always the cooling winds and overcast skies of the climate just before a hurricane or tropical storm.  Daddy made sure each had flashlights and other supplies, for inland dwellers such as myself had to face floods and/or tornadoes. 

Well, now its my turn to prepare for the first hurricane predicted to hit Massachusetts in 20 years. Cape Cod is expected to have hurricane like weather and its residents are either moving their boats or anchoring them in.  They’re boarding up their houses.  Us inland denizens are bracing for floods and power outages, as all of Mass is under a state of emergency.   The Broke Down Volkswagen/Audi car show has been cancelled.  Heart Pond residents are cruising in their boats to enjoy one last day before the storm.  Hello, Irene. 

Dishes are getting cleaned, the laundry will be washed, and we will be showered by tomorrow morning….because our water is electronically pumped from the well.  Five gallons of water sit patiently, along with a couple dozen individual water bottles.  I just returned from a last minute grocery run for poptarts, granola bars, bread, peanut butter, and a bit of fruits and veggies for some non-perishable food to survive off of for a couple of days.  And I was completely surprised at how many people bought perishable meats and dairies.  Shrug.  The basement is still clear from the last year’s down pour.  I moved some important belongings away from the leaking window upstairs.  The boy is packing in some hours on the X-Box before Irene potentially takes this privilege away. 

My biggest fears are: 
Torrential rains:  Our roof isn’t the strongest.  It leaked this winter from the snow and the landlord is not entirely done with the repairs.  Rains will also drive in unwanted six and eight-legged guests.  And mice.  There’s also concern that rising waters will soften the ground and topple trees.  Not good for us woodland boonies.  And I fear that my poor Oli will rise from his resting place near the shrubs in the back yard if we flood. 
Power outage:  No refrigerator.  No air conditioning.  No fans.  No running water. 

But we do have plenty of batteries, some camping lanterns, flashlights and candles.  And I have loads of books waiting to be read. 

So Missey Twisted may be signing off for a while after tomorrow morning.  Or Irene may lose some steam before she hits us Massholes.  Tune in later!