Hurricane Irene’s rains steadily began falling at around 4 pm on Saturday, August 27th.  The lights in Chelmsford, MA stayed on until 11 a.m. on Sunday morning.  For that is about the time the Western most part of the storm romped around Middlesex County, dumping heavy rain, knocking down branches, and yes a few trees which tore down the power lines.   During the eye of the storm and towards the Eastern side, we ventured outside to stand on the docks of Heart Pond and feel the strong wind whip specks of water around us.  I read, wrote, and played cards and board games throughout the day.  In fact, the Star Wars Monopoly game is still set up in the living room for us to resume this evening. 

About 300,000 of us are without power in our homes.  I blog from work on my lunch break. 

As said in a previous post, I have nothing running the home.  The water is electrically pumped from the well.  Fortunately, or New Hampshire friends still have power and will let us shower this evening.  As of this morning, we still had ice in the freezer.  The fridge held out for the first day, allowing us to eat sandwhiches and enjoy cold drinks.  We’ll be grilling dinner or heading out to places that have gained power back. 

The initial estimate from a neighbor was that it may take five days to get power back.  Another neighbor says maybe two days.  National Grid could not give an estimate when reporting on WBZ Boston radio station.   

Stay tuned!  Will try to blog during another lunch break tomorrow!