Nature, ma’am, I understand that I am only human and work with other humans, and do not study meteorology.  So I know I am not a weather or environmental expert nor am I of any divine heritage.  I understand the workings of the Earth a bit.  I know that we need rain to give the plants and animals water, for water is the life line of the universe and such. 

But I do not believe that New England needs all the rain. 

Now Nature, ma’am, I grew up in Louisiana…so I’ve seen my fair share of rain.  It’s why we build our houses well above the ground down there and why the Cajuns can’t bury their dead, but have to stack them in tombs.  I have also resided in the West, where monsoons swept over the mountains every day in the summer.  Yet in the South and West, the rain came, it saw, gave us wet t-shirts, and then moved on. 

Rain does not appear to do that here in New England.  It lingers like an unwanted, annoying guest.  For days.  Why is this? 

Mother Nature, I should not have to remind you that we were drenched with rains from Hurricane Irene just last weekend.  Many places in Vermont have been washed away by rising rain waters.  So don’t you think it’s time the rain moved on for a spell?  How about sending it to Texas, where they are on fire?  I am sure the plants and animals here in the Northeast have plenty of water for the next few days. 

Just something to consider, ma’am……