For the Mister’s birthday, he went on art supply shopping spree at Ocean State Job Lot (and I got a hard cover book for $1.50).  Since we needed lighting for the old house, we skipped over to Ikea.  It was my first trip there. 

We only found two small lamps we liked, but a bunch of other fair-priced items that are making life a bit easier and colorful.  We pointed out what kitchen cabinets, sinks, and stoves we would like to have.  I crooned over the cool bookshelves, as I have many books still in boxes.  I was tempted to lie down and chill in the deep purple bedroom and watch people go in and out of the neat bathroom set up.

And as we ate a decent lunch at the cafeteria like we were in college, I decided I wanted to live there.  I could recline in many dens and write my novel at a variety of desk designs.  That kitchen is dirty?  No problem.  I’ll go cook at another kitchen.  But I can’t have hundreds of people wandering into my new home, so I settled on something more practical.

Ikea is  now on my list of places to camp out if the zombies start to invade.  And I made a mental list of furnishings I want for my new house if I win the lottery.