ABC’S Wednesday night comedy line-up is the best on TV.  You totally know it.  At least from the 8:30 to 9:30 times with The Middle and Modern Family.  And this Wednesday, the Moms’ sanity was challenged to its end by their children’s’ and/or husband’s antics. 
Let’s begin the maternal meltdowns with Frankie Heck from blue-collar working The Middle (who does normally freak out on the show).  She boiled with jealousy when a woman in the neighborhood won big money on Wheel of Fortune.  Her youngest son, Brick, fixated on catalogs.  Her oldest son, Axl, left his nasty shoes on the kitchen counter top.  Her daughter, Sue, shrieked that Frankie ate Axl’s toenail clippings when he idiotically left them in a potato chip back.  This drove Frankie to leave the home, causing her children to burn dinner, argue over whose fault it was, and panic.  At the end, it was Frankie’s incredible husband Mike who convinced her to return home by reminding her of how beautiful she is. 

On to Clair Dunphy from the not-so-blue collar Modern Family.  This stay-at-home mother went on a mission to petition for a stop sign at a dangerous intersection after nearly getting into a car accident, then hitting her own pedestrian husband, Phil.  She needed help getting 50 signatures in a couple of days.  Did her nitwit oldest daughter help?  Nope, she was caught in a lie about an essay.  How about the brainiac middle child.  Naw.  And Clair’s son, Luke, and Phil attempted to bounce a basketball off Phil’s head into a goal all afternoon.  And Phil didn’t do his one chore of switching out the dead light bulbs.  Thus Clair went into her hissy fit, pointing fingers, and scolding her family with her lovely blonde locks flying away like Medusa’s snakes before she, too blazed out the home to complete her stop sign mission.

And I cheered both Mothers.  For these episodes depict how suddenly the every day habits and idiocracies of our own children, families, co-workers, and neighbors can drive us into a frenzy until we snap and storm out of the home, leaving our loved ones to wonder what just happened.  Yet honestly if they thought about it just for a second, like Axl, Sue, and Brick did in the Middle, they would figure it out.  And even if we leave the house to go sit quietly at the library, coffee shop, fast food place, or our own Mother’s home, the snapped pieces of our sanity usually do mend together.  And we remember that deep down inside, we know that these frustrating behaviors will pass….. when our kids move out. 

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